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Web: https://www.splendidromania.ro/

Adresa: Bd. Socola, nr. 206A-208, GRANIT BUSINESS CENTER,  Etaj 7, Iași

Contact: office@splendidromania.ro

Profilul companiei: 

Splendid Development is a company specialized in engineering and architectural services that drive and sustain progress.  Using cutting-edge technologies, we design towards efficiency at the highest quality standards.

While structure and consistency in every delivered product are paramount for us, our everyday work goes beyond that. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers, architects, analysts, programmers and designers is one powerful asset that shapes and nurtures innovation.  Through curiosity and continuous learning, we are exploring solutions that surpass our stakeholders’ expectations.

Diversity is our greatest strength, and we are proud to be an equal opportunity and an affirmative action employer. Our workplace culture thrives on openness, transparency, teamwork and honesty, and values collaboration and forward-thinking mindset.

At Splendid Development, everyone makes a difference.

Domeniul de activitate: Proiectare în domeniul construcției, Software Development

Mesaj pentru participanți:

Proiecte multidisciplinare complexe, învățare constantă, provocări, cercetare și dezvoltare, colaborare, satisfacții. O echipă în care toți progresăm și pe care te așteptăm să o cunoști pe data de 9 noiembrie 2023.

Program în cadrul evenimentului: OPEN DOORS