Why Cluj

cultural – university – economical center

What’s new about this event?

offers companies a direct way of presenting their values; facilitates the recruitment process and brings applicants and companies closer to each other

What is the social impact?

opportunity for employment; improvement of working conditions

Why should the company participate?

the way you present yourself depends entirely on the creativity of your employees and you have the whole OFFICE.

NOC leads the way

present the aspects you are proud of in an attractive and original way, which differentiates you from other employers:

•the value system of the company and its implementation;
•CSR involvement of the company;
•work conditions;
•professional and personal development opportunities;
•the atmosphere within the company;
•recreation area.


• interactive presentation of working conditions to potential employees;
• applicants can be easily evaluated and tested in a context close to real working conditions;
• it offers a wide range for testing candidates from professional point of view to personal skills
• the communication between the company staff and the applicants is more honest and direct;
• offers the opportunity to involve the management into activities;
• grants chances to present outstanding results and success stories of employees;
• opportunity to present videos or lead workshops about the company and its working conditions, with a team building effect;
• offers the chance to highlight the extra benefits and bonuses that an employee can get (canteen, holiday vouchers, etc.).

Why should applicants participate?

• to get the chance for a direct contact with the hiring companies at their headquarters;
• to benefit from a unique experience by visiting prestigious companies;
• to travel between the headquarters of companies with a bus where interaction with other participants is possible;
• to choose and stop only at those companies who match their profiles and expectations;
• to experience working conditions “live”;
• to prove their skills in real working conditions;
• to have a direct and honest relationship with the company’s staff.

Information about the buses:

• the buses operate between 2 PM and 12 AM, leaving from the Cluj Arena parking lot, following a predefined route, with departure and arrival time intervals;
• the bus stations on the route are close to the headquarters of the companies, depending on the possibilities;
• the buses will be personalized with the logo of the event, both inside and outside, with advertising options to companies;
• applicants can browse the event brochure, to learn more about the participating companies;