NCO 2024, at the companies’ homes!

– a step in your career!

23-24th of October

On Wednesday and Thursday, October 23th and 24th, from 4 PM to midnight, the Night of the Companies will go with you to the companies in Cluj – meaning to their headquarters.

We will see what projects they have, what the atmosphere is like, how they treat their employees, what their (internal) kitchen is like, taste their coffee, and chat with them so that at the end we can say: “Hey, I like you!”.

The first “visitor test” was done by going home to the host of NCO, Bogdan Bob Rădulescu, who welcomed us with a coffee and his special energy. What came out of it? See the video!

If you are a company, show everyone how cool it is at your place, what projects you have, what professional opportunities you offer, what the atmosphere is like at your place, how many wonderful things you do.

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If you are a visitor – looking for a new job, wanting to experience something fresh, or just wanting to feel the atmosphere of the companies – come to NCO 2024 to tour the companies you like!

Night of the Companies – unconventional job fair and company presentations at their headquarters.

Stay tuned! We will come back with new information!