Head office – 21 Decembrie 1989 Blvd., No. 77, Room C.1.1
C-D Building – The Office, 1st floor, Cluj-Napoca

+40 264 407600

Company profile:

MOL Romania is a subsidiary of MOL Group and a leading oil company in Romania, operating on the local market for over 20 years. MOL Romania boasts an extensive portfolio of products and services in the fuel, lubricants, petrochemicals and bitumen business. Currently, the company owns 227 service stations, 2 fuel storage units, in Giurgiu and Tileagd, and an LPG terminal in Tileagd. MOL Romania was the first oil company to implement a loyalty program, MOL MultiBonus, awarded twice the top quality medal in the loyalty programs category in Romania by the QUDAL market research. Starting 2017, MOL Romania has joined the NEXT-E project aimed at installing 40 charging stations for electric vehicles. MOL Romania is an active member of the communities where it operates, through an extended platform of social programs, such as the Mentor Award, Children Health Program or Pass for the Future. MOL Romania has its registered office in Cluj-Napoca, its business office in Bucharest, an administrative office in Arad and approximately 250 employees.

Field of activity: Oil industry

Message for the applicants:

Did you know that we have been present here in Cluj for almost 20 years and that you can find us, in one of the modern offices of The Office building, where 70 MOL colleagues are dedicated daily to the MOL Enter Tomorrow 2030 transformation strategy?

Have you ever thought that in an oil and gas organization, 45% of employees are women? Want to see in action the engine of one of the largest companies in Romania?

If you are curious to know more about us, visit us at The night of the companies event and find out directly from us what it means to work for one of the most dynamic companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

The program within the event:

About MOL, cu Kinga Mureșan, Culture Ambassador MOL Romania

Find out more about the MOL group, what is the MOL activity in Romania and what are the organizational values of the company from the MOL Cultural Ambassador in Romania, Kinga Mureșan.

Job presentations

Find out what it’s like to work at MOL right from potential future colleagues. In this way you will understand better what you would have to do in a particular role at MOL, how the most important tasks are carried out and of course, what is the working atmosphere.

LEAN intro

If you want to know more about the LEAN concept – where it started, what it means and what benefits it brings to the work process – we invite you to listen to our LEAN trainer, Botond Asztalos.

Presentation of divisions and MOL products

You have the opportunity to understand what MOL Romania means, which are the business divisions of the company and the main products and services offered by us. You can taste some of them like the Fresh Corner coffee and the most delicious Fresh Corner snacks.

You will have the opportunity to register and receive the MOL Multibonus and UNTOLD card on the spot, with numerous benefits, including a discount in fuel and Fresh Corner coffee until the end of the year or a discount in the purchase of Untold promotional products. Of course, the classic advantages of the MultiBonus program are included.

Finally, relax! If you find that you are tired of accumulating a lot of new information, do not worry: a relaxing massage is waiting for you – this is one of the benefits our colleagues enjoy after a day of work.

And to remember us dearly, we have for you a small special gift.

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