Web: https://www.steelcase.com/

Adresa: Maestro Business Center, No 104, 21 Decembrie 1989 Street, 6th floor

Contact: clujcareers@steelcase.com

Profilul companiei:

Opened in 2011, our Business Center in Cluj-Napoca is one of the largest Steelcase locations in Europe, with over 300 employees. We have become a cross-functional hub supporting our entire markets in EMEA and North America, with diverse functions and expertise- from IT to Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications.

Our office in Cluj is part of a global organization, with over 12,000 employees in 45 locations. For more than 100 years, we have led the way in creating great experiences by offering a range of architecture, furniture, and technology products and services that help individuals bring a deeper sense of meaning and purpose to their work.

We are proud to have a diverse and inclusive workforce, and we’re always looking to improve our global community. We value applicants who are comfortable interacting with people different from themselves, building mutual respect and positive relationships.

Domeniul de activitate: IT, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Shared Services

Mesaj pentru participanți:

Join us for a “behind the scenes” day!

We embrace a learning culture based on a robust career development approach, where people are the center of everything we do. So join us for more than a slice of pizza and an office tour!

Experience our Steelcase community through a series of hands-on workshops and engaging activities meant to help you gain more knowledge from our subject matter experts according to your area of interest, all while exploring our latest products and having a fun time in a relaxed, friendly environment.

And of course, we have several surprises in store to keep you on your toes!

Program în cadrul evenimentului:

The schedule in a nutshell:

14:00 – 14:30 Registration & Refreshments

14:30 – 15:00 Welcome to Steelcase. Learn more about us “behind the scenes”.

15:00 – 17:00 Workshops, Panel Discussions, and Interactive Company Tours*

17:00 – 21:00 Pizza & Beer | Board Games & other fun activities


*Workshops, Panel Discussions, and Interactive Company Tours:

15:00 -16:00 Career Development Opportunities & Leadership in Steelcase 

Panel Discussion| Max. 70 participants 

Discover the many opportunities the organization has to offer through a series of career stories shared by our very own employees- learn more about their journeys, learning methodologies & development paths, Impact Coaching, and Leadership opportunities they’ve experienced in our Cluj office or other Steelcase locations.

15:00 – 17:00 How Finance Plays a Big Role in a Global Manufacturing Company 

Workshop | Max. 20 participants 

Are you curious about how finance is integrated into the end-to-end flow of a global organization? Join our workshop. We will walk you through our processes, showing you how our orders turn into cash.

15:00 -17:00 Intro to Agility & Scrum Framework – Workshop 

Workshop | Max. 18 participants 

Is Agility entirely new to you? Feel like getting involved in a team challenge? Then join us for a two-hour interactive session where you can discover how to embrace this methodology so you can deliver value to customers faster and speak the same language. 

 Scrum is a framework that helps teams work together. Much like a rugby team (where it gets its name) training for the big game, scrum encourages teams to learn through experiences, self-organize while working on a problem, and reflect on their wins and losses to improve continuously. 

 Enroll to learn about: a methodology widely used in the majority of IT projects in Cluj (and globally) where you can make a career; meet IT professionals working with this methodology that can share their experience, and spend time in a workplace designed to support the flexibility needs of Agile teams

15:00 -17:00 Taking Decisions Using Data Science 

Workshop | Max. 18 participants 

Do you want to know about the magic behind machine learning? Come see how artificial intelligence is used to better understand customer needs and make the best business decisions.

Join us in a workshop where we will show you why the role of a data scientist is not too different from that of a detective. 

15:00 – 17:00 Interactive Company Tour 

Discover our office and what we do through a series of touchpoints that allow you to interact face to face with our subject matter experts:

  • Virtual Reality experience at the Work Tent Touchpoint

Work Tents are the perfect retreat from common office distractions, providing a comfortable, private working environment for focus or rejuvenation so explore them while experiencing a Virtual Reality activity focused on Steelcase products.

  • High-Performing Seating Touchpoint

Test out and learn more about our ergonomic chairs and adjustable tables, the research behind them, and the expertise required to manufacture them according to the end-users needs.

  • “Thanks, Cluj” (or “10xCluj”) Touchpoint as part of our 10-year anniversary initiative to involve the entire Cluj Community that you are part of. Share your Thank You Note to Cluj with us for a chance to be featured on the campaign website: www.10xcluj.ro and post on social media about your experience in our office for a chance to win “A lunch date with a Steelcase Leader”.