Web: https://careers.yardiromania.ro/ro/careers-at-yardi/

Adresa: 21 Decembrie 1989 street, no 77, The Office, Entrance A, 3rd floor

Contact: jobscluj@yardi.com

Profilul companiei:

#fact: Real estate runs on Yardi. How? Well, Yardi Romania is part of Yardi Systems, Inc., an American company founded in 1984 that has become the leading provider of software solutions for the real estate industry, with over 45 offices and 8000+ employees worldwide. Our spot in Cluj-Napoca, which opened in 2010, is the second largest Yardi office in the world! 

We’ve got over 1200 talented people on our team. And they’ve got super-skills! We’re not just about software magic; we’ve got data wizards, client support heroes, marketing masterminds, journalism maestros, consulting & customer service champs. They’re the ones who make Yardi Romania an awesome place to work and grow.

And… we’re all about doing things right: quality, innovation and making our clients’ dreams come true. We build products like Property Shark.com, RentCafe.com or Point2Homes.com that make life easier for millions of people, helping them find their dream homes, sell or administer their properties, manage tenant relationships and make savvy investments.

Domeniul de activitate: Leading provider of software solutions for the real estate industry

Mesaj pentru participanți: 

We invite you to our office for a chance to see thru #LifeAtYardi. Two days (or better said, nights) in which we’ll get to chat, tour our office, and take part in engaging presentations about what it’s like to work in PropTech & how you can build great skills. Meet our marketing wizards, our consulting champs, tech gurus & client support heroes and learn from them what it takes to join the fun IT universe.

Come and see thru Yardi Romania @ The Office, entrance A, 3rd floor! 

Locuri de muncă:

Paid Media Specialist
Junior SEO Specialist
In-house SEO Specialist
Content writer
Digital PR and Communications Specialist
Junior Database Administrator
Junior SQL Programmer
.NET Web Developer
ERP Technical Account Manager
Client Account Manager focused on data

Program în cadrul evenimentului:

You can drop by any time, for a tour of our office or a chat with our colleagues. We’re excited to meet you and give you a chance to see thru #LifeAtYardi! And if you’d like to dive deeper into what it means to work in proptech or you want to discover ways to improve your skills for future job opportunities, don’t miss our sessions led by our talented speakers & fellow Yardians. No limited seats, but it’s required to book your seat via our forms below.

Day 1 – October 25 

18:00-19:30  Soft skills: Boost Your Career

Speaker: Cătălin Verde (Senior Team Lead Yardi Call Center)

Do you want to get the upper hand in any professional setting and improve your employability success rate? Learn how to effectively integrate tried and tested effective soft skills communication principles.  We’re excited to share with you a communicator’s toolkit that can be applied globally and that will reflect growth in all aspects of your life.

Book your seat HERE!

20:00 – 21:00 How we work: Real Estate + Technology + Yardi = A PropTech Success Story 

Speakers: Dora Bakos (PSG Manager) and Simona Lehene (Programming Manager)

A Quality Assurance Specialist, a Technical Account Manager and a Consultant walk into a bar. Except it’s not a bar, it’s a #NoapteaCompaniilor session where you’ll get to hear our stories. We’ll share insides from our travels around the world to meet & guide our clients. We’ll talk about lessons and challenges and why we love what we do!

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Day 2 – October 26

16:30 – 17:30 Behind the Curtains: Recruitment Demystified

Speakers: Lavinia Rus (Senior Recruiter) & Raluca Terneac (Recruiter)

Have you ever wondered how a recruitment process truly works? Or maybe you’re curious what it takes to be one step closer to obtaining your desired role? We’ll debunk recruitment myths, walk you through the stages of the recruitment process, and share practical tips and tricks on how to write a good resume and how you can present yourself and communicate better in an interview.

This presentation is your backstage pass to the world of recruitment, so don’t miss it!

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18:00-19:30 – Marketing: How Google Works and the Power of Storytelling for Page 1 Rankings

Speakers: Bogdan Oltean (Marketing Manager & SEO Specialist) & Adrian Roca-Rozenberg (Marketing Team Lead & PR Specialist)

Everyone loves a great story. People want to belong and feel connected to a group. Stories give you a reason to communicate and relate; they make you feel better and oftentimes smarter. Join us for a session on how brand storytelling influences marketing campaign performance and how we successfully use Yardi data to tell stories that drive engagement, website traffic and improve Search Engine Optimization and Google rankings.

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