Address: Sigma Business Center, Republicii St., No. 109, Cluj-Napoca


Company profile:

Accenture Industry X.0 division is a new and innovative practice in Accenture, which makes possible to digitally transform the customers’ business using smart & connected technologies applied in IoT projects such as: Smart Products, Rail Automation, Smart Manufacturing, MES, PLM or Smart Operations. The main focus is the digital transformation by developing new ecosystems and business models for the company’s clients. The division is constantly evolving, having over 650 employees in Cluj-Napoca, Târgu-Mureș, and Timișoara offices

Field of activity: IT

Message for the applicants:

Are you curious how is to work at Accenture Industry X.0 and join in the digital reinvention of the industry? Do you want to meet our inspiring engineers?

Check out our agenda and register for demo presentations of our exciting Industry X.0 projects, interesting workshops with robots or relax with a massage in our relaxing zone.

The program within the event:

14.00-16.00 – max 16 participants
Be an Accenture robotics student for 2 hours

In our 2 hour workshop we will introduce you to one of our educational programs that takes place in Accenture, created and taught by our colleagues for future programmers. You will assemble our cool little mBots and drones and learn to program them to do all kinds of tricks, so that by the end of the workshop, it will complete a challenge given by us.

Register HERE.

16.00-17.00 – max 25 participants
Tour of the Center of excellence

We are futurists, ambitiously building the next industrial revolution. Rethink what’s possible with Industry X.0, visit our center of excellence to see and play with our demos and meet our inspiring engineers that are leading the digital transformation.  

Register HERE.

17.00-19.00 – max 20 participants
Our working environment and projects

We are enthusiastic innovators looking to transform the future of the industry, and we have plenty of interesting projects. You can take a look into three of them, so be prepared you will enter into future technologies, such as connected products, smart rail and digital manufacturing.

Register HERE.

20.00-24.00 – max 50 participants
Game and pizza night

We want to present beside our working environment also the fun part in our company. You can enter this time in our regular game night organized by our colleagues. We are waiting you with Consoles, Retro Gaming, VR and loads of Boardgames and a tasty slice of pizza.

Register HERE.

Relaxing zone

While you are waiting for the next workshop, enter in our relaxing corner and refresh yourself with a massage. If you have questions or you are interested in our opportunities here you will get the answers.

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