Address: Tecuci St., No. 24, Cluj-Napoca

0264 354949 / 0733 034000

Company profile:

The company profile is structured on operations in the field of construction installations: consultancy, technical solutions, design for all types of installations, purchase of thermal equipment, their commercialization, technical assistance to assembly, commissioning, warranty service and post warranty, parts deliveries. The diversity of the equipment offered by CONEXINSTAL provides users with increased comfort. The turnkey solutions offered by the company are in large numbers both in Cluj County and in the country:

Cultural, educational and medical institutions (churches, schools, universities and hospitals);

  • Cultural, educational and medical institutions (churches, schools, universities and hospitals);
  • Financial institutions – banking;
  • Hotel-restaurant, new buildings and renovations;
  • Office buildings, industrial halls;
  • Tenant associations, private dwellings;
  • Data centers – software companies, etc.

Today, CONEXINSTAL stands for a solid team that offers consulting, design, assembly and maintenance. We pride ourselves on major projects that we have completed and top-notch clients with whom we are constantly evolving.

Field of activity: Operations in the field of construction installations

The program within the event:

Schedule: 2 PM – 11 PM

Come and visit our showroom and find out more about jobs at ConexInstal!



Address: Hexagon Offices, Calea Turzii, No. 178K, 2nd floor, Cluj-Napoca


Sárosi Béla: 0733 770 022 /

Office: 0364 080 136 /

Company profile:

KÉSZ Romania, member of the KÉSZ Group, is one of the most important companies on the Romanian construction market, but also an important player in Central and Eastern Europe.

Due to the large portfolio of services and the multitude of the own resources, KÉSZ is able to respond efficiently to the complex demands of the construction industry. From design to execution, from real estate developments to technological erections the company solves the tasks formulated by beneficiaries.

KÉSZ knows. KÉSZ makes it.  At KÉSZ we build on knowledge!

Field of activity: Construction industry

KÉSZ knows, KÉSZ makes it. We “BUILD ON KNOWLEDGE” and even execute it to the end!

If you want to see us, get an idea of ​​the complex processes of a construction, how it is prepared, how it is realized, how to follow a large investment, visit the KÉSZ offices!

With us, you have the chance to see parametric design, BIM system design, virtual reality, bidding, preparation and production tracking. We are proud to have a young team, with a culture for teamwork, with groups working in synergy in a pleasant environment.

All these support our creativity and form us as a sustainable organization.

We believe that innovation, creativity and seriousness distinguish us and keep us among the best construction companies in Romania.

The program within the event:

Schedule: 14.00 – 22.00

·         Welcoming the visitors.

·         Tour of the Hexagon Offices building: reception, conference center, 18 Gym, Pastel Ceramica

·         Visiting KÉSZ Romania headquarters

·         Q&A session and discussions

The program will be repeated whenever it is needed, depending on the number of visitors.