Address: Tecuci St., No. 24, Cluj-Napoca

0264 354949 / 0733 034000

Company profile:

The company profile is structured on operations in the field of construction installations: consultancy, technical solutions, design for all types of installations, purchase of thermal equipment, their commercialization, technical assistance to assembly, commissioning, warranty service and post warranty, parts deliveries. The diversity of the equipment offered by CONEXINSTAL provides users with increased comfort. The turnkey solutions offered by the company are in large numbers both in Cluj County and in the country:

Cultural, educational and medical institutions (churches, schools, universities and hospitals);

  • Cultural, educational and medical institutions (churches, schools, universities and hospitals);
  • Financial institutions – banking;
  • Hotel-restaurant, new buildings and renovations;
  • Office buildings, industrial halls;
  • Tenant associations, private dwellings;
  • Data centers – software companies, etc.

Today, CONEXINSTAL stands for a solid team that offers consulting, design, assembly and maintenance. We pride ourselves on major projects that we have completed and top-notch clients with whom we are constantly evolving.

Field of activity: Operations in the field of construction installations

The program within the event:

Schedule: 2 PM – 11 PM

Come and visit our showroom and find out more about jobs at ConexInstal!

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