Address: Teodor Mihali St., No. 64 – Riviera Building, Cluj-Napoca

Company profile:

We are Genpact. Transformation happens here!

With a startup spirit and 87,000+ curious and courageous minds, we have the expertise to go deep with the world’s biggest brands—and we have fun doing it. Now, we’re calling all you rule-breakers and risk-takers who see the world differently, and are bold enough to reinvent it. Come, transform with us.

We’re a global professional services firm that makes transformation real, running thousands of processes for Fortune 500 companies. In Europe, we are present in 5 countries, through 11 delivery centers and with a number of over 10.000 employees.

In Romania we are the largest employer and talent developer in the business services industry, with more than 3500 employees in our Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest offices. Our service portfolio includes four big domains: Finance and Accounting, Procurement and Supply Chain, Collections and Customer Service and IT infrastructure Management.

We are looking for speakers of different foreign languages from English, French, Spanish, Italian, German to even more exotic languages, such as: Greek, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Portuguese and so on.

Genpact has hundreds of open positions listed in Romania and we are inviting applications for different roles, such as: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Customer Support, IT Support, Procurement and Order Management.

Our recruitment process has different steps to achieve:

  1. The first one would be a phone discussion with our Junior Recruiters regarding our opportunities.
  2. The second one is a phone language evaluation held with one of our assessors
  3. If the result will be a positive one, the third step includes an HR phone interview with our Recruiters and Senior Recruiters
  4. And the last, but not the least, an interview with the project’s manager will occur and with that comes the chance to visit the department where you are going to meet your colleagues and see a little bit from your next activities.

Learn more about Genpact, about the people behind the Genpact brand, about job and career opportunities at Genpact, following our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram.

Field of activity: Finance and Accounting

Message for the applicants:

Do you speak a foreign language? Genpact is the place where you can build a successful career! The company is constantly developing and looking for managers and specialists in the financial-accounting field, procurement and contract management, IT support and also business consulting.

The program within the event:

14:00 – 00:00  Marketplace
Your Lifecycle as employee will reflect to our corporate culture:
·         Start with finding the right job for you right now Genpact jobs
·         Apply now here
·         Understand our Recruitment and Onboarding process
·         Discover how we grow people – Career Development and Training Tools, Performance Management and Rewards/Promotion program

14:30 – 15:30 Client relationship – Silent hour
Learning is one of the hot topic in Genpact. Join us to experience how our employees are becoming continuous learners and how we are using collective learning to grow.
Register here!

16:00 – 17:00 Personal effectiveness – Silent hour
Learning is one of the hot topic in Genpact. Join us to experience how our employees are becoming continuous learners and how we are using collective learning to grow.
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18:00 – 19:00 “Dream in Digital, Dare in Reality” – Brainstorming Workshop
Let’s generate ideas together!
We will choose a usually/ day to day theme and we will generate ideas from the subject to the concept.
You will understand that the design is not only critical in solving problems, but also relevant
on a bigger scale to close social divides and to create inclusive communities.
Register here!

20:00 – 21:00 Transformation happens here and it happens only with you
Discover how we use the technology to radically improve our experience and performance at work, how we apply different tools  and how this has become one of our major focus
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