NN Insurance

Web: https://www.nn.ro/asigurari

Address: Moților St., no. 6-8, Cluj-Napoca


Company profile:

NN Romania includes life and health insurance and pension management, being marker leader and setting the trend in this field. Also, we have a strong position in investment segment through NN Investment Partners, which is one of the most trusted** administrator of mutual fonds in Romania.

The services that our clients value the most: personal and family protection, financial alternatives for health protection and solutions for more consistent pensions. Our 26 teams spread countrywide gather 1500 colleagues that are there for our customers.

NN Cluj Agency succeeds through devotion, discipline and passion in helping almost 40% of Cluj’s population to manage their pension (2nd Pillar), supports over 10.000 residents in capitalizing on Third Pillar (private pension) and provides a higher level of financial security and comfort through 20.000 insurance policies.
*Based on ASF reports
**As per AAF

Field of activity: Insurance

Message for the applicants:

Cluj is a city that sets the tone in Romania for many areas of business or social-cultural life, it is no accident that NN Cluj agency sets the tone in insurance, being # 1 in Romania for the last 5 years in a row. Good things come together and give rise to great things. Therefore, we invite you to join us!

We want to get to know you, get to know each other and start a successful collaboration! On October 10, the nearly 100 colleagues from NN Cluj agency tell you “You do matter”.

The program within the event:

What exactly do we suggest for you?

Because your time is precious, we thought of giving you in a concise, clear and comprehensive form the information you need to better understand the opportunities that the insurance field offers and how we value them every day. Through the workshop “I, NN, and We” (with a duration of 20 minutes) the NN Cluj team will provide you with the information on which you can find answers to any question and make the most appropriate decision regarding your professional future. Invest 20 minutes and then enjoy the job you were looking for!

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