NN Insurance

Web: https://www.nn.ro/asigurari

Address: Moților St., no. 6-8, Cluj-Napoca


Company profile:

NN Romania includes life and health insurance and pension management, being marker leader and setting the trend in this field. Also, we have a strong position in investment segment through NN Investment Partners, which is one of the most trusted** administrator of mutual fonds in Romania.

The services that our clients value the most: personal and family protection, financial alternatives for health protection and solutions for more consistent pensions. Our 26 teams spread countrywide gather 1500 colleagues that are there for our customers.

NN Cluj Agency succeeds through devotion, discipline and passion in helping almost 40% of Cluj’s population to manage their pension (2nd Pillar), supports over 10.000 residents in capitalizing on Third Pillar (private pension) and provides a higher level of financial security and comfort through 20.000 insurance policies.
*Based on ASF reports
**As per AAF

Field of activity: Insurance

Message for the applicants:

Cluj is a city that sets the tone in Romania for many areas of business or social-cultural life, it is no accident that NN Cluj agency sets the tone in insurance, being # 1 in Romania for the last 5 years in a row. Good things come together and give rise to great things. Therefore, we invite you to join us!

We want to get to know you, get to know each other and start a successful collaboration! On October 10, the nearly 100 colleagues from NN Cluj agency tell you “You do matter”.

The program within the event:

What exactly do we suggest for you?

Because your time is precious, we thought of giving you in a concise, clear and comprehensive form the information you need to better understand the opportunities that the insurance field offers and how we value them every day. Through the workshop “I, NN, and We” (with a duration of 20 minutes) the NN Cluj team will provide you with the information on which you can find answers to any question and make the most appropriate decision regarding your professional future. Invest 20 minutes and then enjoy the job you were looking for!

CBRE – Real Estate Partner The night of the companies

Web: https://www.cbre.ro/en/about-cbre/careers


Company profile:

When choosing a job, you don’t just choose a combination of material benefits or a professionally attractive position. You also choose a set of values, and a team of people as well as an office where you will spend most of your time.

CBRE is the global and national leader of the real estate consulting market, and in Romania is the first real estate company with a focus on the experience of users in office spaces.

The office market is no longer just about the rented square meters and their value, but it is especially about the people and the experience that they live in the workplace. The office space is in continuous evolution, simultaneously with the evolution of the companies as a structure, with one of the technology and with ours as an individual profile. CBRE Romania’s office department identifies concepts and work solutions suitable for companies that intend to make their office work more efficient by applying a strategy for the first time on the local real estate market, by which the skills that clients need in a relocation process or of planning are doubled with the understanding of the space as a personalized experience, in accordance with the philosophy and dynamics of each team in particular.

CBRE Romania’s office department offers integrated real estate services, based on commercial, technical and architectural knowledge, as well as the extended expertise on rental services for both local and global clients.

CBRE Group, Inc. (NYSE: CBRE), Fortune 500 and S&P 500 headquartered in Los Angeles is the largest commercial real estate investment and services company in the world, based on revenue in 2018. The company has over 90,000 employees (not including affiliates)., responds to the needs of real estate developers and serves owners and tenants through over 480 offices (excluding subsidiaries) around the world. In Romania, CBRE offers a wide range of integrated services, including transaction management and coordination, project management, design and build services, property management, investment management, valuation, property rental, strategic consulting, property sales, mortgage services and development services. For more information, please visit www.cbre.ro.

Field of activity: Real estate


Web: www.vertiv.com

Address: Someșului St., No. 14, Cluj-Napoca

Tel.: 0746 837 848
Email: ro.careers@vertiv.com

Company profile:

Vertiv brings together hardware, software, analytics and ongoing services to ensure its customers’ vital applications run continuously, perform optimally and grow with their business needs. 

Vertiv solves the most important challenges facing today’s data centers, communication networks and commercial and industrial facilities with a portfolio of power, cooling and IT infrastructure solutions and services that extends from the cloud to the edge of the network. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA, Vertiv employs around 20,000 people and does business in more than 130 countries. For more information, and for the latest news and content from Vertiv, visit Vertiv.com.

Field of activity: IT, Critical infrastructure Producer

Message for the applicants:

Why Vertiv ? Because we believe in having fun while building a future that makes us become a better version of ourselves.

Join us and become an architect of continuity!

The program within the event:

14:00 open doors for visitors until 00:00

The event will take place on the 5th floor of our new office, on Somesului Street, nr. 14.

Casual networking talks with junior specialists, senior specialist, managers from all Vertiv teams. We will help you understand how our cultures works, why do we like it and feel part of it and will guide you through the  present and future opportunities

There will be hourly tours to see Vertiv office environment – why do we love to come to work

At 18:30 Felix Bailer, our Vice President of Shared Service Center Cluj, will share with you, our insights on what means to be an Architect of Continuity, what are we doing in Cluj now and in the near future and what means to be part of Vertiv

We are eager to meet you and have a nice, friendly chat over a hot cup of coffee specialties from Captain Bean in our awesome coffee corner! And of course what goes well with coffee? Donoughts!

Come meet us!

STA Travel

Web: www.statravel.com

Address: Calea Dorobanților, No. 18-20 – Power Business Center, 5th floor, Cluj-Napoca

Tel.: 0799 030 811
Email: cariere@statravel.com

Company profile:

Founded by two Aussie backpackers in 1979, we started off life with mullets and a mission: to create affordable adventures for awesome humans. 40 years later, we’ve grown from two backpackers to almost 2,500 people, spread across 250+ stores and nine global head offices hubs. Together, we inspire over 2 million travellers a year to #StartTheAdventure. We believe that crossing borders have the power to break down barriers, to change how we think, and to bring people and cultures closer together. And on the unofficial work/life/travel happiness index, we also believe that travel has the power to give you one of the happiest careers in the world. 

Field of activity: Travel agency

Message for the applicants:

Hello! Fancy a job with the world’s largest student and youth travel company? With every trip and every traveller, we are still learning and growing. Which is why we need more brilliant people to share in our passion and join us on our journey, now in Cluj-Napoca. Let’s meet and talk on 10 October 2019 at Noaptea Companiilor.

The program within the event:

What can you expect when visiting our office at Noaptea Companiilor?

Tour of our Center of excellence

“The best people that you met on your travels, plus your best mates from home.” No, not a post-mortem of last year’s Christmas party, but a quote on STA Travel office life. Destroyers of Sunday night work fear and banal office chat, we genuinely enjoy coming to work. We work hard, we get results, we hardly ever miss office drinks, and we create a lot of awesome products and content for like-minded humans who think just like us. And we do that, because we genuinely care about what we do. Meet the time, ask your questions, find out more about life in our office.
When: 16.00 – 20.00
How: Groups of 6-10 people. You don’t need to pre-register, but there might be a short waiting time involved. You are welcome to wait in our recreational area.

Travel Quiz Session
It’s like playing ‘Țări, orașe, ape, munți….’
We do this regularly, so why not try it yourself? And the winners will enjoy prizes, of course.
When: 14.00 – 24.00
How: Groups of 6-10 people. You don’t need to pre-register, but there might be a short waiting time involved. You are welcome to wait in our recreational area.

Travel tips & tricks session
Ever tried to organize your own travel or trip? Did you face challenges? Have you wished you had an expert advising you about what to do, what not to do or how to make things easier? We are here for you. We love travel and we genuinely do this for a living. Our team will share travel tips and tricks with you and answer questions or queries to help you make your next trip a memorable one.
When: 14.00 – 21.00
How: Groups of 6-10 people. You don’t need to pre-register, but there might be a short waiting time involved. You are welcome to wait in our recreational area.

”Septimiu Mureșan” Police School

Web: www.scoalapolcj.ro

Address: Corneliu Coposu St., No. 89-91, Cluj-Napoca

Tel.: 0264 439 772
Email: scoala.cluj@cj.politiaiomana.ro

Company profile:

”Septimiu Mureșan” Police School in Cluj-Napoca is a secondary educational institution belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, training police agents. The general objective of the school is to train its students in order to become policemen/women able to exercise attributions regarding the protection of human fundamental rights and freedoms, private and public property, preventing and acting against antisocial acts, respecting public order and safety, according to the law.

During the 10 months training period, future police agents accumulate basic theoretical knowledge and skills in communication and professional cooperation, military training, procedures of maintaining public order and safety, techniques of preventing and fighting against antisocial acts, theoretical knowledge regarding establishing and approbating contraventions (smaller crimes), establishing and investigating offences, police intervention. 

The general basic training is on Public order, but, adapting to the personnel needs of Romanian Police, since 2019 the school organizes also courses on Forensics offences investigation and Criminal investigation.

Field of activity: Police

Message for the applicants:

For 15 years, the future of public order has been written in Cluj-Napoca!

You can become a policeman! A modern logistics and a team of professionals is waiting for you, who trained more than 4,200 public law agencies, ready to respond to the community needs!

The program within the event:

Ambientare – prezentarea instituțiilor partenere
Locație: PCA2 Atelierului
Responsabil: Sc. Cluj, I.P.J. Cluj, I.J.J. Cluj, I.S.U. Cluj

Prezentare materiale, video de promovare ale partenerilor
Locație: Amfiteatru
Responsabil: Sc. Cluj, I.P.J. Cluj, I.J.J. Cluj, I.S.U. Cluj

16.00 – 20.00
Curs de prim-ajutor
Locație: Sala de sport
Responsabil: I.S.U. Cluj

Prezentarea tehnicii specifice de intervenție
Locație: Platou central
Responsabil: I.P.J. Cluj – Serviciul Rutier, echipaj cu radar

I.P.J. Cluj – Laboratorul de Criminalistică – cercetare la fața locului

I.P.J. Cluj – S.A.S., prezentare tehnica și armament

I.S.U. Cluj – tehnica de interventie

I.J.J. Cluj – tehnica și materiale din dotare

Traseu sportiv-aplicativ
Locație: Terenul de sport
Responsabil:  Şc. Cluj

18.00 -20.00
Centrul de Excelență
Locație: Simulator de trageri
Responsabil:  Şc. Cluj

18.00 -24.00
Atelier de Criminalistica
Locație: Sala de clasa nr. 3, parter
Responsabil:  Şc. Cluj

14.00 – 24.00
Expozitie armament/echipament
Locație: Sala de clasa nr. 4, parter
Responsabil: Şc. Cluj, IJJ Cluj.

14.00 – 24.00
Prezentare oferta educationala a M.AI.
Locație: Sala de clasa nr. 5, parter
Responsabil: Sc. Cluj, I.J.J. Cluj, I.S.U. Cluj

  1. Accesul aplicanților în instituția organizatoare este permis doar după prezentarea unui act de identitate.
  2. Pe toată durata evenimentului, vizitatorii vor fi însoțiți de cel puțin un elev al școlii de poliție.
  3. Pe toată durata evenimentului, vor fi realizate fotografii de către organizator. Prin participarea la eveniment, aplicanții își exprimă tacit acordul ca aceste fotografii să fie utilizate în scopuri legate strict de promovarea evenimentului și a imaginii instituției organizatoare și a partenerilor implicați în proiect.
  4. Pe toată durata evenimentului, vizitatorilor nu li se permite realizarea de fotografii/filmări fără acceptul organizatorului.
  5. Programul poate suferi modificări, în funcție de situațiile concrete care pot apărea. Spre exemplu, în functie de situația operativi, I.J.J. Cluj va organiza, între orele 16.00-17.00, un exercițiu demonstrativ.

Eckerle Automotive

Web: www.eckerle-gruppe.com

Address: Bldv. Muncii, No. 1-15, Cluj Napoca

0799 310 069
0264 403 404

Company profile:

The German Eckerle Group operates in Cluj county through its factories located in the city of Cluj-Napoca and Turda. In these two units, Eckerle Automotive – subsidiary in Romania of the German group, manufactures (manual assembly and welding) components and electromechanical subassemblies for the automotive industry.

Eckerle Automotive is specialized in the assembly of components for the automotive industry, such as devices for comfort features (window lifting, windscreen wiper), actuators and maneuverability (ABS, cooling etc.) or tableware (door locking, ventilation valves etc.).

At Cluj plant, our design engineers develop solutions and technologies in order to automatize our own production processes or those from the other companies of Eckerle Group or, upon request, they develop solutions for our partners/ customers (Bosch, Brose or Nidec).

Both technical knowledge and software skills are developed internally through trainings done by internal teams, managers and supervisors, and also externally, through specialized companies.

As for the investment plans for future, Eckerle Automotive continues its projects meant to automatize and improve the production equipment, by automation of repetitive activities (cutting, bending, welding), and to facilitate the individual assembly by introducing some new assembly concepts in line.

Field of activity: Automotive

Message for the applicants:

Are you a creative and dynamic person who wants professional performance? Do you wish a stable job that offers development possibilities according to your aspirations? Come to Eckerle Automotive, at Muncii Boulevard! Here we have “Always a solution” for you!

The program within the event soon will be available!


Web: https://careers.genpact.com/

Address: Teodor Mihali St., No. 64 – Riviera Building, Cluj-Napoca

Company profile:

We are Genpact. Transformation happens here!

With a startup spirit and 87,000+ curious and courageous minds, we have the expertise to go deep with the world’s biggest brands—and we have fun doing it. Now, we’re calling all you rule-breakers and risk-takers who see the world differently, and are bold enough to reinvent it. Come, transform with us.

We’re a global professional services firm that makes transformation real, running thousands of processes for Fortune 500 companies. In Europe, we are present in 5 countries, through 11 delivery centers and with a number of over 10.000 employees.

In Romania we are the largest employer and talent developer in the business services industry, with more than 3500 employees in our Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest offices. Our service portfolio includes four big domains: Finance and Accounting, Procurement and Supply Chain, Collections and Customer Service and IT infrastructure Management.

We are looking for speakers of different foreign languages from English, French, Spanish, Italian, German to even more exotic languages, such as: Greek, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Portuguese and so on.

Genpact has hundreds of open positions listed in Romania and we are inviting applications for different roles, such as: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Customer Support, IT Support, Procurement and Order Management.

Our recruitment process has different steps to achieve:

  1. The first one would be a phone discussion with our Junior Recruiters regarding our opportunities.
  2. The second one is a phone language evaluation held with one of our assessors
  3. If the result will be a positive one, the third step includes an HR phone interview with our Recruiters and Senior Recruiters
  4. And the last, but not the least, an interview with the project’s manager will occur and with that comes the chance to visit the department where you are going to meet your colleagues and see a little bit from your next activities.

Learn more about Genpact, about the people behind the Genpact brand, about job and career opportunities at Genpact, following our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram.

Field of activity: Finance and Accounting

Message for the applicants:

Do you speak a foreign language? Genpact is the place where you can build a successful career! The company is constantly developing and looking for managers and specialists in the financial-accounting field, procurement and contract management, IT support and also business consulting.

The program within the event:

14:00 – 00:00  Marketplace
Your Lifecycle as employee will reflect to our corporate culture:
·         Start with finding the right job for you right now Genpact jobs
·         Apply now here
·         Understand our Recruitment and Onboarding process
·         Discover how we grow people – Career Development and Training Tools, Performance Management and Rewards/Promotion program

14:30 – 15:30 Client relationship – Silent hour
Learning is one of the hot topic in Genpact. Join us to experience how our employees are becoming continuous learners and how we are using collective learning to grow.
Register here!

16:00 – 17:00 Personal effectiveness – Silent hour
Learning is one of the hot topic in Genpact. Join us to experience how our employees are becoming continuous learners and how we are using collective learning to grow.
Register here!

18:00 – 19:00 “Dream in Digital, Dare in Reality” – Brainstorming Workshop
Let’s generate ideas together!
We will choose a usually/ day to day theme and we will generate ideas from the subject to the concept.
You will understand that the design is not only critical in solving problems, but also relevant
on a bigger scale to close social divides and to create inclusive communities.
Register here!

20:00 – 21:00 Transformation happens here and it happens only with you
Discover how we use the technology to radically improve our experience and performance at work, how we apply different tools  and how this has become one of our major focus
Register here!


Web: www.globalconvergence.com

Address: B-dul 21 Decembrie 1989, nr. 104, et. 2, Cluj-Napoca

Contact: hr-romania@globalconvergence.com

Company profile:

Global Presence. Greater Reach.

Global Convergence, Inc. designs, delivers and supports world-class managed services and solutions for customers and partners with global enterprise networks that require proven expertise and service delivery capabilities for complex, geographically dispersed networks from a single business partner.

Through our innovative services and solutions, we’re creating positive outcomes for our partners each and every day. Global Convergence has emerged as one of the fastest growing suppliers of communications solutions and IT services worldwide.

Over 3000 sites are serviced in 170 countries globally by our engineering staff with 24 X 7 X 365 Service and Support desk for all clients.

Your Dream Job Starts Here

Looking for a great place to invest in yourself?  As a global IT services organization delivering managed and professional services, Global Convergence is the nexus where technology lifecycle management meets business partner revenue acceleration.

Learn the newest emerging technologies.

GCI supports and manages network infrastructures for some of the world’s biggest brands.  And that creates valuable opportunity for you to help identify, market, and service the newest and most exciting technologies.

Our worldwide search for excellence always includes: Security Engineers, Network Engineers, Voice Engineers, Data Engineers, Help Desk and MSC Agents, Partner Management Officers, and other.

Invest in yourself.  Build your Career and a Great Future with GCI.

Challenging. Fulfilling. Rewarding. Global Convergence, Inc.

Field of activity: Suppliers of communications solutions and IT

Message for the applicants:

Come and join us for a relaxing afternoon as friends! You will discover great people, a beautiful and relaxed work environment, but also the career opportunities in our Helpdesk, Managed Services, Procurement or Engineering departments. Curious to discover GCI? Come to The Night of the Companies!

The program within the event:

At Global Convergence the program will be an informal one – we prefer to receive you as friends. Thus, we expect you to take a tour of the company, tell us about departments, jobs, and then you are welcome to stay with us, play board games and enjoy snacks with our team.

Fastenal Europe Romania

Web: www.fastenal.com

Address: Tăietura Turcului St., No. 47, Cluj-Napoca

Contact: Ciprian Morutan – District Manager South East Europe, Switzerland & the Middle East
E-mail: cmorutan@fastenal.com
Tel.: 0740 840 853

Company profile:

Fastenal is a USA based company operating globally in the field of industrial distribution, inventory management and lean management. Our clients are large manufacturing companies and you can find the same winning mentality in all the 2,300 locations that Fastenal has worldwide and also in the more than our 24,000 colleagues that we have. At any time you can follow the evolution of our company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the acronym FAST to convince you of the success we have globally. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or you already have an impressive amount of sales experience, we have a position available for you in our company.

Field of activity:  Industrial distribution

Message for the applicants:

Are you looking to invest your talent in an organization that will invest in YOU?

If so, then check the career opportunities in Fastenal. When Fastenal started, in 1967, it was among the smallest distributors of fasteners of its hometown. Now, after more than 50 years, we have managed to overcome the competition and place ourselves at the top of the global distributors. How can we explain this performance? The founder of the company, Bob Kierlin, said that ” It wasn’t in the product, and it wasn’t in how we distributed the product. It was our belief in people” We have managed to reach the top of the global distributors, but we have never lost sight of the fact that simple people can do extraordinary things if given the chance. It all starts with 3 commitments we make to our colleagues:

1. Training – investing in resources for you to expand your skill set and pursue your career goals
2. Ownership – empowering you to make decisions, take risks, and think like a business owner
3. Promotion – presenting the possibilities for career growth, promotion and growth from within the company

You have to keep in mind only one thing – over 95% of the General Managers that the company has globally, started at entry level positions and were promoted within the company.

The program within the event:

Schedule: 2 PM – 12 AM

We are waiting for you at The Night of the Companies event at the Fastenal headquarters!

Yardi Romania

Web: https://careers.yardiromania.ro/ro/careers-at-yardi/ 

21 Decembrie 1989 Blvd., No. 77, The Office, Cluj-Napoca
Yardi Call Center – Blvd. 21 Decembrie 1989, No. 95-97

Contact: jobscluj@yardi.com

Company profile:

At Yardi Romania, we build products that make life easier for millions of people, helping them find their dream homes, sell or administer their properties, manage tenant relationships, and make savvy investments. 

We’re part of Yardi Systems, Inc., an American company founded in 1984 that has become the leading provider of software solutions for the real estate industry, employing over 6000 people worldwide. Our development center in Cluj-Napoca is the third largest Yardi office in the world, counting over 1100 employees, working in diverse areas, from software development to data research and analysis, marketing and consulting.

We develop our own products and pride ourselves with a user base of a few million people. Our data centers hold 100 Terabytes of data. Not to mention that we’re frequently quoted by top tier publications such as The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.

Our success belongs to our employees, who make Yardi Romania an amazing place to work and grow.

Field of activity: Software services provider dedicated to the real estate industry

The program within the event:

The Office – Blvd. 21 Decembrie 1989, nr. 77, et. 3

15:00 – 16:00 – Documenting the market – A career in business writing
Get a closer look at our editorial opportunities and learn more about our business writing roadmap. You’ll get an exclusive insight on how we cover daily real estate news, create interviews and write institutional research reports. Through an interactive session, we’ll show you how we take our content to the next level with graphics, podcasts, videos and newsletters.

Register here!

16:00 – 19:00 – Treasure Hunt
Within our Yardi Matrix department, we know how to mix work with fun and we want to give you the opportunity to peek at how this works. We invite you to get involved in a treasure hunt that will make your day! Get the chance to have fun while discovering how the job of a researcher actually is, how to search a property and complete its profile, call as a renter to obtain information, quickly edit a photo of a property, or even show off your ping-pong skills in a match with one of our colleagues. Of course, all of these come with points and rewards – at the end of the day, every treasure hunt is a friendly competition. This will be the perfect chance to get a handle of what we do at Yardi Matrix and meet the team. You will also have the chance to apply with your CV for one of our open roles.

Register here!

19:00 – 20:00 – How to become the Sherlok Holmes of the US Real Estate industry?
Choose any US place on the map and we’ll show you how to scout for diverse property information.

Register here!

Yardi Call Center – Blvd. 21 Decembrie 1989, No. 95-97 – (above LIDL supermarket)

20:00 – 21:00 – Know-How to work
Join us for a few short presentations on topics like how to tackle a new job, how to handle criticism at work or how to find your motivation. While you’re here, you’ll also have the possibility to find out anything you want to know about us and our openings. *

Register here!

22:00 – 0:00 – Know-How to play
Join us for a game of “WIN an answer!” with one of our colleagues. You get to choose your weapon (ping-pong, Xbox, Rummy, Jenga, darts, XO, you name it). For every point you win in the game you get to ask us a question about our company, department, available jobs, communication techniques, customer service skills, really anything you want to know from experts in the field. If you like what you hear and see, you can join us for the ultimate game Truth or Dare where we may dare you to become part of our team. *

Register here!

*The presentation and the games may be followed by a tour of the office where you can find information about the company/department/job and shadow one of our Senior agents. We’ll also give you the possibility to stay for a short language screening if you are interested in applying.

Goodwill Consulting

Web: https://www.gwconsulting.ro/ro

Address: Napoca St., No. 16, Cluj-Napoca

0264 484 776   

Company profile:

The Cluj office of Goodwill Consulting Group is the national headquarters of the international network. Leader in the Romanian market for consultancy in grants, in addition to the support provided to over 1000 clients in accessing financing, it offers a number of additional services. These consulting services refer to various fields of relevance for small and medium-sized enterprises: bank loans, investment funds, public procurement offers, market analysis, financial analysis, internationalization. In addition to these business consulting services, the Goodwill Studio team provides architectural services and Goodwill Energy delivers photovoltaic solutions to those interested.

Field of activity: Consultancy in grants, business, design-architecture and photovoltaic solutions

The program within the event:

Look into the attractive program of Goodwill Consulting at The night of the companies HERE.


Web: https://conexinstal.ro/

Address: Tecuci St., No. 24, Cluj-Napoca

0264 354949 / 0733 034000

Company profile:

The company profile is structured on operations in the field of construction installations: consultancy, technical solutions, design for all types of installations, purchase of thermal equipment, their commercialization, technical assistance to assembly, commissioning, warranty service and post warranty, parts deliveries. The diversity of the equipment offered by CONEXINSTAL provides users with increased comfort. The turnkey solutions offered by the company are in large numbers both in Cluj County and in the country:

Cultural, educational and medical institutions (churches, schools, universities and hospitals);

  • Cultural, educational and medical institutions (churches, schools, universities and hospitals);
  • Financial institutions – banking;
  • Hotel-restaurant, new buildings and renovations;
  • Office buildings, industrial halls;
  • Tenant associations, private dwellings;
  • Data centers – software companies, etc.

Today, CONEXINSTAL stands for a solid team that offers consulting, design, assembly and maintenance. We pride ourselves on major projects that we have completed and top-notch clients with whom we are constantly evolving.

Field of activity: Operations in the field of construction installations

The program within the event:

Schedule: 2 PM – 11 PM

Come and visit our showroom and find out more about jobs at ConexInstal!


Web: www.geomant.com

Address: 21 Decembrie 1989 Blvd., No. 37, Ap. 17, Cluj-Napoca

0364 116 340

Company profile:

Geomant is a leading provider of Contact Centre software technology, well known in the sector for providing effortless customer interaction solutions.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field, Geomant has grown from strength-to-strength, going from an initial headcount of 4 people to over 100 operating on a global scale. Currently we have offices in USA, UK, Hungary, Romania and Australia.

Having an extensive international network of sales, independent software vendors (ISV) and cloud service provider partners shows Geomant’s strengths in working with others. For instance, Geomant is a long-term Avaya DevConnect member, an Avaya Business Partner as well as a Microsoft Gold Communications Partner. Internally, these strengths are reflected in a people-centric attitude. Geomant cares about its employees and has always prided itself on being an enjoyable place to work, our very professional yet extremely friendly culture helps ensure good working relationships throughout the company. Something which we feel is key to success.

Field of activity: IT

Message for the applicants:

10 out of 10 Geomant employees recommend Geomant. Don’t you believe us? Come and convince yourself! We are looking for cool people who want to grow with us in the IT field (programmers, system engineers, QA). Bring us your CV and let’s talk a little! It’s the ideal chance for you to find out what it’s like to work at Geomant.

We could tell you, but we would spoil the surprise!

The program within the event:

Schedule between 2 PM and 12 AM

See you at the Geomant offices in the heart of Cluj at The Night of the Companies! We will provide you with all the information you need to get an idea of ​​how it is to work at Geomant Romania. We will introduce you to our colleagues, our products, we will drink a coffee or tea and why not, if you like, we will play table tennis also.


Web: www.autoworld.ro


  • Audi Center : Calea Turzii, No. 249, Cluj-Napoca
  • VW Center: Calea Floresti, No. 145, Cluj-Napoca
  • Carcloud Center: Oradiei St., No. 1-7, Cluj-Napoca


  • Audi Center – 0264 520 600
  • VW Center – 0264 207 400
  • Carcloud Center – 0264 520 670

Company profile:

Autoworld is an authorized Volkswagen, Audi, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle and Das WeltAuto dealer. The newest member of the family is the Carcloud brand, which sells second-hand cars.

The company offers customer services, through its more than 180 employees, being located in Cluj-Napoca and has two locations: the Autoworld Volkswagen showroom in Calea Floresti no. 145 and Autoworld Audi from Calea Turzii no. 249. In 25 years of existence, Autoworld is leading the local import market for the brands it represents.
The motto of the company, “From motion to e-motion” expresses the desire for Autoworld to translate emotion into the concept of mobility. It is based on how you feel the transition from the motivation of the starting point, to the emotional pleasure of arriving at your destination. Moving on, the emotion is propagated in the future, through sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility – electricity. The two authorized Audi and Volkswagen services have received international recognition throughout the time.

Field of activity: Automotive

Message for the applicants:

Your passion for cars will meet reality when you decide to come to our company. We are surrounded by powerful cars, products and services of a quality specific to the German spirit, which is why you probably won’t see in our company colorful walls, or a thematic corner of relaxation, but surely you will meet the spirit and friendship of the AUTOWORLD team.

We expect you, as much as our program allows us, because we try to show you the real processes of our company: the sales and the service process. We promise not to do any improvisation, we won’t bring actors and we don’t have a scenario.

However, we invite you to a session after our work program, about how you can buy a car from scratch and what is the process in the service for a preventive check.

Check the latest cars and the work of the service team, and don’t forget to surprise our HR team with your CV and maybe with a few questions.

The program within the event:

14:00-16:00 – Autoworld Audi tour, open discussions with company managers

16:00-18:00 – Autoworld Audi tour, open discussions with company managers

18:00-20:00 – Presentation of the process of purchasing a car and presentation of a preventive check


Web: www.accenture.com/ro-en/Careers/careersaiss

Address: Sigma Business Center, Republicii St., No. 109, Cluj-Napoca

Contact: cluj.careers@accenture.com

Company profile:

Accenture Industry X.0 division is a new and innovative practice in Accenture, which makes possible to digitally transform the customers’ business using smart & connected technologies applied in IoT projects such as: Smart Products, Rail Automation, Smart Manufacturing, MES, PLM or Smart Operations. The main focus is the digital transformation by developing new ecosystems and business models for the company’s clients. The division is constantly evolving, having over 650 employees in Cluj-Napoca, Târgu-Mureș, and Timișoara offices

Field of activity: IT

Message for the applicants:

Are you curious how is to work at Accenture Industry X.0 and join in the digital reinvention of the industry? Do you want to meet our inspiring engineers?

Check out our agenda and register for demo presentations of our exciting Industry X.0 projects, interesting workshops with robots or relax with a massage in our relaxing zone.

The program within the event:

14.00-16.00 – max 16 participants
Be an Accenture robotics student for 2 hours

In our 2 hour workshop we will introduce you to one of our educational programs that takes place in Accenture, created and taught by our colleagues for future programmers. You will assemble our cool little mBots and drones and learn to program them to do all kinds of tricks, so that by the end of the workshop, it will complete a challenge given by us.

Register HERE.

16.00-17.00 – max 25 participants
Tour of the Center of excellence

We are futurists, ambitiously building the next industrial revolution. Rethink what’s possible with Industry X.0, visit our center of excellence to see and play with our demos and meet our inspiring engineers that are leading the digital transformation.  

Register HERE.

17.00-19.00 – max 20 participants
Our working environment and projects

We are enthusiastic innovators looking to transform the future of the industry, and we have plenty of interesting projects. You can take a look into three of them, so be prepared you will enter into future technologies, such as connected products, smart rail and digital manufacturing.

Register HERE.

20.00-24.00 – max 50 participants
Game and pizza night

We want to present beside our working environment also the fun part in our company. You can enter this time in our regular game night organized by our colleagues. We are waiting you with Consoles, Retro Gaming, VR and loads of Boardgames and a tasty slice of pizza.

Register HERE.

Relaxing zone

While you are waiting for the next workshop, enter in our relaxing corner and refresh yourself with a massage. If you have questions or you are interested in our opportunities here you will get the answers.


Web: https://molromania.ro/ro

Head office – 21 Decembrie 1989 Blvd., No. 77, Room C.1.1
C-D Building – The Office, 1st floor, Cluj-Napoca

+40 264 407600

Company profile:

MOL Romania is a subsidiary of MOL Group and a leading oil company in Romania, operating on the local market for over 20 years. MOL Romania boasts an extensive portfolio of products and services in the fuel, lubricants, petrochemicals and bitumen business. Currently, the company owns 227 service stations, 2 fuel storage units, in Giurgiu and Tileagd, and an LPG terminal in Tileagd. MOL Romania was the first oil company to implement a loyalty program, MOL MultiBonus, awarded twice the top quality medal in the loyalty programs category in Romania by the QUDAL market research. Starting 2017, MOL Romania has joined the NEXT-E project aimed at installing 40 charging stations for electric vehicles. MOL Romania is an active member of the communities where it operates, through an extended platform of social programs, such as the Mentor Award, Children Health Program or Pass for the Future. MOL Romania has its registered office in Cluj-Napoca, its business office in Bucharest, an administrative office in Arad and approximately 250 employees.

Field of activity: Oil industry

Message for the applicants:

Did you know that we have been present here in Cluj for almost 20 years and that you can find us, in one of the modern offices of The Office building, where 70 MOL colleagues are dedicated daily to the MOL Enter Tomorrow 2030 transformation strategy?

Have you ever thought that in an oil and gas organization, 45% of employees are women? Want to see in action the engine of one of the largest companies in Romania?

If you are curious to know more about us, visit us at The night of the companies event and find out directly from us what it means to work for one of the most dynamic companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

The program within the event:

About MOL, cu Kinga Mureșan, Culture Ambassador MOL Romania

Find out more about the MOL group, what is the MOL activity in Romania and what are the organizational values of the company from the MOL Cultural Ambassador in Romania, Kinga Mureșan.

Job presentations

Find out what it’s like to work at MOL right from potential future colleagues. In this way you will understand better what you would have to do in a particular role at MOL, how the most important tasks are carried out and of course, what is the working atmosphere.

LEAN intro

If you want to know more about the LEAN concept – where it started, what it means and what benefits it brings to the work process – we invite you to listen to our LEAN trainer, Botond Asztalos.

Presentation of divisions and MOL products

You have the opportunity to understand what MOL Romania means, which are the business divisions of the company and the main products and services offered by us. You can taste some of them like the Fresh Corner coffee and the most delicious Fresh Corner snacks.

You will have the opportunity to register and receive the MOL Multibonus and UNTOLD card on the spot, with numerous benefits, including a discount in fuel and Fresh Corner coffee until the end of the year or a discount in the purchase of Untold promotional products. Of course, the classic advantages of the MultiBonus program are included.

Finally, relax! If you find that you are tired of accumulating a lot of new information, do not worry: a relaxing massage is waiting for you – this is one of the benefits our colleagues enjoy after a day of work.

And to remember us dearly, we have for you a small special gift.

To confirm your presence at the event, please register here by choosing one of the time slots.
16:30 – 17:30
18:30 – 19:30
20:30 – 21:30
22:30 – 23:30

BDO Romania

Web: www.bdo.ro

Address: Mihai Eminescu St., No. 3, Cluj-Napoca

Contact: career@bdo.ro

Company profile:

There are many ways to answer the question “Why BDO?”. What really sets us apart is a culture of embracing new ways of doing our work in a better way. We are dedicated to professional excellence and we support it by understanding and exceeding expectations, by the curiosity to anticipate needs and the determination to outline opportunities.

We have confidence in our teams and we offer trust to our clients through them. We are attentive and we invest in the professional and personal development of our people, as a way to show them our admiration and recognition of their potential, as well as out of respect and appreciation for BDO clients.
We strongly believe that passion makes a difference in all our endeavors.
We strongly believe that passion makes a difference in our work.

BDO Romania is the fifth audit and consultancy firm in the country, having more than 25 years of experience in providing professional services. With over 200 professionals working within multidisciplinary teams, under the coordination of 20 partners certified by professional international and local bodies, we offer the whole range of audit and consultancy related services.

Field of activity: Professional services – Audit. Accounting. Consulting

Message for the applicants:

Ready for great work experience, in which to discover what it means to work in the field of accounting and consulting? Come and meet us at The Night of the Companies to get your energy and inspiration for your career! Tips & tricks, interactive discussions & a perspective on what it means to work with us are the things we can promise you.

The program within the event:

Welcome tours:

14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 21:00, 22:00, 23:00

Tell me who you are and I’ll tell you who I am: introducing in the mindset of BDO.

Q&A sessions with people from the departments of Audit, Accounting, HR services.

Know yourself and your DQ (Digital Quotient)!


18:30 – 19:30: Audit 1-0-1. Audit intelligent tools

20:00 – 20:30 Build your personal and professional profile


Web: www.kesz.ro

Address: Hexagon Offices, Calea Turzii, No. 178K, 2nd floor, Cluj-Napoca


Sárosi Béla: 0733 770 022 / sarosib@kesz.ro

Office: 0364 080 136 / kesz@kesz.ro

Company profile:

KÉSZ Romania, member of the KÉSZ Group, is one of the most important companies on the Romanian construction market, but also an important player in Central and Eastern Europe.

Due to the large portfolio of services and the multitude of the own resources, KÉSZ is able to respond efficiently to the complex demands of the construction industry. From design to execution, from real estate developments to technological erections the company solves the tasks formulated by beneficiaries.

KÉSZ knows. KÉSZ makes it.  At KÉSZ we build on knowledge!

Field of activity: Construction industry

KÉSZ knows, KÉSZ makes it. We “BUILD ON KNOWLEDGE” and even execute it to the end!

If you want to see us, get an idea of ​​the complex processes of a construction, how it is prepared, how it is realized, how to follow a large investment, visit the KÉSZ offices!

With us, you have the chance to see parametric design, BIM system design, virtual reality, bidding, preparation and production tracking. We are proud to have a young team, with a culture for teamwork, with groups working in synergy in a pleasant environment.

All these support our creativity and form us as a sustainable organization.

We believe that innovation, creativity and seriousness distinguish us and keep us among the best construction companies in Romania.

The program within the event:

Schedule: 14.00 – 22.00

·         Welcoming the visitors.

·         Tour of the Hexagon Offices building: reception, conference center, 18 Gym, Pastel Ceramica

·         Visiting KÉSZ Romania headquarters

·         Q&A session and discussions

The program will be repeated whenever it is needed, depending on the number of visitors.

Human Direct

Web: www.humandirect.eu/jobs

Constantin Daicoviciu St., No. 7/A, Museum Square, Cluj-Napoca


Company profile:

We are a professional IT Recruitment Team focusing first on human choices. Our approach is different, we care about the choices every developer makes for his/her own high growth.

We are focusing on creating innovative recruitment solutions to deliver memorable experience for developers and their future employment.

In the recruitment model we set strategies that can improve the quality of the hiring and onboarding processes, adding significant value to innovative businesses. We value most human relationships that we are trying to create during the tech recruitment.
Our experience is beyond the recruiting service, it’s about human approach.

Field of activity: IT

Message for the applicants:

You will have the opportunity to receive valuable information about the IT workforce market from HR specialists / Organizational Psychologists with over 6 years experience in the IT field. They invite you to unique experiences: Interview simulations, free discussions on how to attend the interview, what questions to ask to better understand the project / product and company culture, burn-out, etc.

The program within the event:

For middle and senior level programmers we have prepared coaching sessions and presentations on interesting products / projects in Cluj-Napoca and Remote jobs, at the same time we can tell very open about salary ranges on each technology giving them career advice.

Because programmers (like us HR specialists) are predisposed to Burn-Out, we set out to tell them about this topic, to help them identify the first stages of Burn-Out and how they can prevent them from reaching a state where motivation, work efficiency and implicitly the quality of professional life decrease.

If we have not convinced you with these experiences, you can visit us for the most interesting jobs (over 70 jobs in Cluj-Napoca or Remote) or simply for a coffee and a great conversation! 🙂

Thursday, October 10, we are here for you!

Hexagon Offices

Web: https://hexagon-offices.ro/

Address: Calea Turzii, No. 178K, 2nd floor, Cluj-Napoca


Lajos Diószegi: 0364 080 136 / contact@hexagon-offices.ro
Investment Director KÉSZ International Romania

Company profile:


We differentiate ourselves by providing our tenants’ with the possibility to customise their workspaces according to their needs, through what we call an “agile design system”. Also, we can ad, at their request, various modules to each office space such as a kitchen, single offices, meeting rooms, open space areas or a copy & storage room.


They say “there’s life after work”. At Hexagon Offices & Apartments, we believe there should be “life” before, during and after work, which is why the building and its facilities were designed so as to allow various daily activities for all employees. From fitness facilities to restaurants, Hexagon Offices has it all.


Aside from attending to our tenants every work and lifework needs, we, at Hexagon Offices, also aim to revitalise the Calea Turzii area for all the surrounding neighbourhoods (Buna Ziua, Zorilor and Europa) which will greatly benefit from having a new vibrant location for daily activities close to their homes.

Field of activity: Real estate – Class A office building

Message for the applicants:

Hexagon Offices hosts high prestige companies on the services market, with various activities. We expect you to visit the following companies:

1. KÉSZ Romania

2. BNP Paribas Real Estate in Romania offers the following services to local and international clients:

– Property management: building management (offices, shopping centers)
– Consultancy services for the rental of commercial spaces
– Services of exclusive representation of the owners & tenants
– Evaluation services
– Market research services
– Capital Markets services: representing the seller (sell-side), representing the buyer (buy-side)

3. Pastel Ceramica The most exclusive showroom of interior finishing works in the beautiful Cluj-Napoca, with the latest international collections of ceramic tiles, parquet, sanitary ware and bathroom furniture.

4. 18GYM Fitness Club a new room with Personal Training programs – bodybuilding room with Technogym equipment, group class, cycling room, sauna – with certified trainers that will bring you the desired results!

The program within the event:

Schedule: 14.00 – 22.00

·         Welcoming the visitors.

·         Tour of the Hexagon Offices building: reception, conference center, 18 Gym, Pastel Ceramica

·         Visiting KÉSZ Romania headquarters

·         Q&A session and discussions

The program will be repeated whenever it is needed, depending on the number of visitors.

BOSCH Romania

Web: https://www.bosch.ro/evenimente/noaptea-companiilor/

Tetarom III Industrial Parc, Robert Bosch St., No. 1., Jucu, Cluj county


Company profile:

In Cluj, Bosch operates a production unit for electronic components for the automotive industry since 2014. The plant features also a Training Center opened in 2017 and equipped with modern training rooms and workshops equipped with state-of-the-art tools for the training of high-school students in the dual educational system, but also for the continuous development of Bosch associates.

At the Bosch Cluj plant the company manufactures electronic components for areas including safety and comfort or driving assistance, such as electronic control units for eBike powertrain, for parking assistance systems and also engine and airbag control units.

In order to increase competitiveness and make production more efficient, Bosch has implemented at Cluj plant Industry 4.0 solutions, such as MES Manufacturing Execution System.

Field of activity: Mobility solutions, Automotive

Message for the applicants:

Meet us on October 10th!

We are opening the gates of the Bosch factory!

Find out more about the company’s activity in a relaxing and interactive environment. You will have the opportunity to interact with representatives of the company, learn about Bosch’s products and learn about the career opportunities.

Enroll for the event here: https://www.bosch.ro/evenimente/noaptea-companiilor/

Deadline for registration 8th of October!
Limited seats!

The program within the event:

Look into the attractive program of Bosch @ Noaptea Companiilor:

#LikeABosch – You will have the opportunity to meet a part of the Bosch team and gather information straight from the source;

Future Mobility Solutions – You will participate at a technical presentation regarding the Bosch automotive and 4.0 industry;

Ask Bosch! – You will meet some of the top managers in a Q&A session (Prepare your questions);

Career Start – You will discover the career opportunities, benefits and professional development program within the company. We encourage you to bring along your resume!

Plant Tour – You will get to see state-of-the-art technology during an organized plant tour;

Test drive eBike – You can test out one of Bosch’s powertrain bicycle.

NTT DATA Romania

Web: https://ro.nttdata.com/Career

Address: Constanța St., No. 19-21, Cluj-Napoca

Contact: nttdata@nttdata.ro

Company profile:

NTT DATA Romania is an IT services provider and system integrator, with a team of over 1,800 specialists in Romania and Serbia, delivering a variety of projects across diverse industries: Automotive, Banking, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Public Sector, Retail, Transportation & Logistics.

By integrating extensive experience, proficiency and constant innovation, NTT DATA Romania collaborates with national and international clients, implementing IT services and solutions to help achieve performance and bring added value. The business portfolio includes the following services: development and integration of standard or customized software solutions, application management services, testing, quality assurance, IT & business consulting, IT security and infrastructure services etc.

NTT DATA is part of NTT Group (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), one of the global ICT leaders, with over 283,000 employees and a large portfolio of global infrastructure solutions, communications and IT services. NTT DATA is in Top 10* global business and IT services provider.
* Source: Gartner, “Market Share: IT Services, 2017” published on June 11, 2018

For more information please visit www.nttdata.ro

Field of activity: IT

The program within the event:


Company presentation

Meet us to find more about us! NTT DATA Romania is an IT service provider and system integrator, with a team of over 1,900 specialists in Romania and Serbia, delivering a variety of projects across diverse industries.
The business portfolio includes the following services: development and integration of standard or customized software solutions, application management services, testing, quality assurance, IT & business consulting, IT security and infrastructure services etc.

R&D solutions presentation

Each of us have the chance to innovate, to create something new, to improve the way we do things. We created the innovation laboratory of NTT DATA Romania “INNU18” to invest in research and development of services and products using technologies focused on AI and IoT.

NTT DATA Tower Tour

During the event you’ll have the occasion to enter the NTT DATA company world and see how our offices look like, where we relax during breaks, and why we enjoy to work here. Moreover, we’ll have a guided tour with a presentation Tower 1. You’ll be able to see a part of the equipment we configure with software development projects and find out about our offer for the Cluj job market.  

Job opportunities

What’s your passion? Explore countless opportunities to make an impact at NTT DATA Romania and be part of a cool team in a fast growing organization. We invite you to have a look at our job openings and find your passion.

Register here!


Web: www.metrosystems.ro

Address: Teodor Mihali St., No. 62 EST, Metro Systems/Tech’n’Trade Building, Cluj-Napoca

0756 165 038

Company profile:

METRO SYSTEMS Gmbh is the internal information technology provider of METRO. METRO SYSTEMS Romania srl is a subsidiary of METRO, having two offices in Romania: one in Bucharest, where about 800 employees work, and one in Brasov, founded in 2014.

METRO SYSTEMS supports the companies inside METRO in their business; it has the ability to maintain and supply large merchandise flows as well as innovate. It fulfils duties within business process consulting and engineering. It provides, creates, implements and supports business solutions. It ensures the required infrastructure as data centres and network services. It maintains the group-wide IT strategy and IT governance principles.   

It is the 8th largest software company in Romania and became an ANIS member as of July, 2014.

Field of activity: IT

Message for the applicants:

METRO SYSTEMS Romania opens its doors to meet you and to tackle the most current IT and retail topics!

Come to our home, in Tech’n Trade Club, to talk about the idea behind the concept, to meet our colleagues who will present you the fine things we do, and to spend quality time with good vibes.

You will have the opportunity to interact with a big part of the team, to learn more about the current opportunities, about our internal SCALA School learning program, but also to get acquainted with the activities undertaken by METRO SYSTEMS.

We can wait to meet you, to take a tour of our house and if you want to stay, we will compete in a FIFA or ping-pong match.

The program within the event:

14:00 – 22:00 Open Doors

Come and meet our colleagues and discover together the great things that we do in METRO SYSTEMS. You will explore the subjects our teams address:

Tech’n Trade: A social space for tech enthusiasts

While you’ll visit us on our Tech’n Trade home, it will be great to find more about the idea behind the concept. A shared space designed to inspire you, to host interesting IT events and facilitate networking.

SCALA School: Learn SCALA programming language with us!

Scala School is designed to support the education in the direction of modern software development using the Scala programming language and the ecosystem and practices that revolve around the language. 

The good news? We started the second edition of SCALA School learning program and we are looking for passionate students and experimented developers who want to learn functioning programming and SCALA.

Apply here and meet us to find out more about the curricula.

Texelo Corner: Technical Excellence and New Technology Trends

Our colleagues will answer to the following questions: Do you have any idea how many technologies are used inside a big company? How to you keep track of new technology trends? How can a big company do it? Have you ever wanted to participate as speakers in conferences? Have you ever wondered how the great speakers you see at conferences get there?

Let’s feel the tech beat together!

AI Sense: Sense the Artificial Intelligence within METRO SYSTEMS

”Enter the store, make your groceries, put it on the counter and pay without anyone scanning your products.  Yes, you are in a MCC store!” Sounds really good, isn’t it? Well, this is one of the projects our colleagues pursue in their work. Come and let them tell you about their AI journey.

18:00 – 20:00 – Build your first Augmented Reality App

We will talk about what Augmented Reality means, what software development platforms are out there to build such systems and we will guide you step by step in order to build your first Augmented Reality mobile app using Unity and Vuforia. 

Pre-requisites: Please bring your laptop with you due to the fact that is a hands-on workshop.

Please install on your laptop Unity free edition and create a Vuforia developer account.

Register here!